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PAVAB District Cub Scout Roundtable - Tidewater Council BSA Virginia Beach, VA

Welcome to the PAVAB Cub Scout Roundtable homepage!

The PAVAB Cub Scout Roundtable is held the second Tuesday of every month at the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS)located at the intersection of Edwin and Princess Anne Rds in Virginia Beach, VA. The meeting runs from 7:15 to 9:00 PM. There is no childcare services and we request that all children remain at home.

And you thought you could only have fun once a month at the Roundtable!

Now you can stop by online and and receive information to help make Cub Scouting in Virginia Beach even better!

Al Barr
Roundtable Commissioner

And the Pros from Dover!

Rick McIlrath
Kathleen Brinkley
Bill Harris
Sharon Meyer
Susan Cox
Debbie Rife
Jeff Patterson
Dawn Volman
Lillian Palacio
Leslie Bulger

Disclaimer: This site is designed and guided for benefit of the volunteers within the Cub Scout Program of the PAVAB District (City of Virginia Beach, VA), Tidewater Council, BSA. This website is not associated nor an official site of the Tidewater Council BSA, or Boy Scouts of America. This site is operated within the guidelines for the use of websites within the Tidewater Council, BSA.

Website last modified January 9, 2001
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Thank you to ALL our Volunteer Leaders!